‘Political Analyst’ VandeHei Gets Rave Reviews Even Before Presenting at Economic Conference

Since when is the Executive Editor of Politico a Political Analyst?

Likely since Industry and Economic Outlook Conference decided that’s what Politico‘s Jim VandeHei’s title should be come late August when he’ll be among their speakers.  The event will at the Oak Brook Hills Marriott in Ill, where the man who clearly wears many hats will speak as a guest of the National Fluid Power Association and offer his take on the political landscape.

The release says 2012 is a “hot year” for political analysts. They call VandeHei “one of the most talented and sought-after political speakers in D.C.” Lest his head swell, they continue, “Due to his expertise and notoriety, Jim moderates presidential debates and has become a regular on big morning talk shows.”

We’re not sure what this even means, but NFPA members and non-members across the fluid power supply chain are invited to attend. We think that means that Politico CLICK and @FakeJimVandeHei can attend as long they sign up in time.