Podcasts: The Web’s Neglected Media Is Full Of $$$

The New York Times took a look at Leo Laporte’s podcasting empire yesterday.

Did you realize that his flagship podcast, This Week In Tech, is downloaded by a million people each month?
That his 22 other podcasts are downloaded five million times a month?
And that his ad rates are 2x to 8x higher than the rates traditional radio stations command?

There’s a lot of griping out there about how the ad streams created by the Internet command less money than ads through traditional media. But Laporte is bucking that trend.

Now, obviously, not every podcaster is raking in $4 million a year in ad revenue like Laporte, but the market has a lot of room to grow: according to Edison Research, a quarter of Americans have watched or listened to at least one podcast. Only 45 percent of Americans have even heard of podcasts, though, and just over ten percent of Americans have listened to a podcast in the past month. So the market can only get bigger.