Pseudonymous Author Retraces Her Double Life as an LA Schoolteacher, Dominatrix

“Darlene” grew up in an idyllic Pasadena neighborhood. As a young, aspiring actress, she photo doubled for 14-year-old Christian Bale and 12-year-old Corey Feldman. She also co-starred in the very poorly received 1987 revenge flick Monstrosity.

Darlene eventually wound up teaching Monday-to-Thursday evening ESL and teenage remedial classes at an LA public school. The real money however, up until 2007, came from her other vocation: dominatrix for-hire by the hour, Fridays through Sundays. It’s all entertainingly laid out in Playing Darlene: The True Double Life of a Public School Teacher and Professional Dominatrix, a 109-page book that will no doubt benefit from the current appetite for all things Fifty Shades of Grey-related. And in this case, all the more intriguing because it is gender-reversed and purportedly all true.

We were not expecting the LA media to have played a key role in Darlene’s whips-and-chain progress. But this was allegedly the case, when she was stationed at a residential-area place of business and the locals started protesting outside:

Mistress Victoria waltzed triumphantly into the lounge and announced to the ladies that the media were on their way. Reporters from the three major networks wanted to interview someone and she needed someone to volunteer to talk on camera…

For a minute I thought, “Oh my gosh — I could lose my [teaching] credential.” But the rebel in me spoke up. My next thought was, “Just let them try.” I volunteered. The story was the first segment on the eleven o’clock news on all three major channels that Friday night. When I was on camera, at the bottom of the screen it said: ‘Darlene’, Castle spokesperson, [BLANK] [BLANK] Unified School District teacher.

Though Darlene and her publisher prefer not to fill in the above blanks, all clues point to LAUSD. Along the way, the author also worked briefly as a Bob’s Big Boy waitress and LA Times accounting clerk. Incidentally, just to show that some things never change, Darlene writes that the above referenced media attention helped her land many new regular clients.

[Jacket cover courtesy Chances Press]