Playboy Debuts ‘Safe-For-Work’ ‘Smoking Jacket’ Website

Playboy Enterprises today announced the launch of “The Smoking Jacket,” a purportedly safe-for-work website that offers much of the same fare Playboy provides, minus the naked women. Sounds great, right?
“ is the ultimate safe-for-work internet experience for men, and a one-stop shop for all that is cool online,” said Jimmy Jellinek, Editorial Director of Playboy and, in a statement. “Cube dwellers and office drones alike shall rejoice at this fun, sexy, satirical antidote to the drudgery of the work day.”
Not everyone sees it that way, however. The Morning Call’s Spencer Soper writes:

Lehigh Valley workplace experts say the idea of being suitable for the workplace is a bunch of hooey. Even if there is no nudity, the site includes women in bikinis and lingerie, and links to such articles as a 10-step guide to having sexual encounters with colleagues.

Indeed, “How to Get Laid at Work” currently ranks second in The Smoking Jacket’s most-read articles list, right behind “Gemma’s Bikini Workout, Boob Job Benefits, Audrina’s Bongos and more.” In other words, the site is safe for work if you work at Maxim.
(h/t Romenesko)