Play NYT’s Oregon Trail Inspired Voter Suppression Video Game

Watch out for the dysentery and the poll watchers.

Our reserve of nostalgia for computer game The Oregon Trail is bottomless, and so when we learned that The New York Times partnered with GOP Arcade to create a video game on voter suppression in the same style, we played, testing out scenarios for every player available.


We endured long lines, angry bosses, ID checks, long trips to our polling place, ran away from “poll watchers,” and, in a nod to OG Oregon Trail, dealt with people coming down with dysentery. In one scenario, we got to go in and vote with no hassle and no wait. (Guess which.)


No matter what end comes to your chosen player, you receive a reminder to go vote, a link to help you find your polling place and a lesson learned along the way about how voter suppression tactics as well as the realities of work and childcare can make voting a lot more challenging for some Americans than others.

It’s the first ever video game for NYT’s editorial film vertical Op-Docs, but GOP Arcade has many more 2016 election-mocking amusements on its site.

You can try it out for yourself here.