Pitch Fit Pregnancy Your Fresh Take on Stories for Moms-to-be

fit-pregnancy-articleAmerican Media launched Fit Pregnancy as the magazine for pregnant readers of sister publication Shape — the woman who cared about maintaining her exercise routine and healthful eating habits.

The bi-monthly mag has since gone through a major transition, moving from the West Coast to the East Coast, adding an entirely new (albeit small) editorial staff and tweaking its mission. “We really want Fit Pregnancy to be the glossy magazine that this woman was reading before she got pregnant, but also for the nine months of pregnancy and beyond,” said deputy editor Andrea Bartz.

The changes bode well for freelancers, as the pub is in need of a fresh stable of writers. Just be sure you have a specific, timely idea before sending in your pitch:

If you’re planning to draft a pitch for Fit Pregnancy that involves a standard, evergreen pregnancy story (like “How to Change Your Workout When You’re Pregnant”), here’s a tip: Save it. “What we’re looking for is something really unique that either is big in the news or a very fresh angle on an aspect of pregnancy, delivery or postnatal care,” said Bartz. “We’re looking for writers to come to us with something that we haven’t seen before and something that pregnant women haven’t already found online at the Mayo Clinic or other site.”

To hear more about this mag, including submission etiquette, read: How To Pitch: Fit Pregnancy.

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