Pioneer Press Looks Far Afield For Replacement Editor

The next editor-in-chief of the Pioneer Press may be an outsider, reports MinnPost, if the paper’s help wanted ad is any indication.

First of all, the fact that the job is posted at all means that the company may be looking for someone not within the paper.

And, writes MinnPost’s David Brauer, “Because the PiPress cannibalized the managing editor position amid budget cuts to preserve newsgatherers, no number-two is primed to step up.”

However, there are two promising internal candidates: senior editor of local news Sue Campbell and editorial page editor Mike Burbach.

Burbach confirmed to Brauer that the paper is “doing a national search, as you know, and that’s good. It’s early in the process, and we’ll see how it develops.”

From the listing, which expires March 1:

The Editor will foster an environment of innovation and risk-taking, breaking big local stories and producing quality journalism that can only be found in the Pioneer Press and on The Editor will have a strong reader and market focus, framing stories to put readers first and show an in-depth knowledge and understanding of our market.

The Editor will both understand and embrace technology through the steadfast delivery of real-time news online, spurring the development of interactive content and growing online social media.

Must be willing to challenge instincts and interests of readers.

The ideal candidate will have 10+ years of journalism and management experience, preferably as senior editor in a metropolitan newspaper and/or an online news publication.