Pink Slips Doled Out at The Daily As Former Tech Editor Reminisces

By now you’ve probably heard after two years, The Daily, the first news app for the iPad, is folding effective December 15.

According to the press release, its editor-in-chief, Jesse Angelo, will take the helm as publisher at the New York Post, and several staffers will switch to the newspaper as well.

Former tech editor Peter Ha revealed on Gizmodo:

“Troll all you want about News Corp — 90% of which is going to be wrong anyway — but a lot of good people were given pink slips today and that’s unfortunate. I imagine it’s going to suck to have to publish for another 12 days. I’m pouring one out for you, homies.”

The 19th employee hired at The Daily indicated the early days were “actually pretty fun.” The small staff  had a “sense of family” and new employees came pouring in from a variety of outlets such as ABC News, The New York Times, New York Post and additional notable magazines and newspapers.

He added, “The sense of pride felt by everyone who helped launch The Daily brought a few folks to tears that day. I might have shed a tear or two, myself. Many of us sacrificed family and friends to get the thing off the ground. No one can ever take that away from us.”

Unfortunately despite breaking several stories collectively as a team, Ha pointed out, “Great content doesn’t do much good if there’s no good way to share it.”

He ended up leaving the venture last April to explore new challenges and get back online again but added, “The Daily had every chance of flourishing and succeeding, but operating independently of the Internet as a whole was clearly a huge mistake.”