Pierre Cardin: ‘The Future of Fashion Is Sleeveless’

At the age of 86, Pierre Cardin is still designing clothes (ideas for which come to him in dreams), raking in licensing revenues (watches, luggage, bonbons), and faithful in a future that smacks of The Jetsons. WWD‘s Robert Murphy spoke with Cardin after his first fashion show in eight years—originally set for Paris Fashion Week, Cardin switched venues at the last minute and sent out 235 (!) looks in the shadow of his Antti Lovag-designed “bubble palace” on the French Riviera. Saturn-shaped hats shaped and psychedlic swirls figured prominently.

Among Cardin’s most urgent prounouncements? “The future of fashion is sleeveless,” he told Murphy. “Who needs sleeves anymore? You need to be able to move and be comfortable. To layer. Seasons don’t exist like they used to. Now it’s cold in summer and hot in winter…Fashion needs to look forward.” Or at least look backward to the Spage Age designs he’s been creating for many, many moons. “My old vintage designs are so popular now,” he said. “There’s been criticism, but I must have been on to something.”