Philip Johnson’s Glass House Hosts All-Star Architects Retreat


If you’re one of those lucky people who have gotten golden tickets to go visit Philip Johnson‘s Glass House after it opened to the public just over two years ago, we continue to writhe in jealousy and have no other choice but to live vicariously through your awesome life. For the rest of us, we intend to turn to Metropolis‘ feature by the magazine’s editor, Susan S. Szenasy, who recently attended the day-long Architects Retreat at the famous, modern compound (on his 103 birthday, no less). The first part in the two part series finds Szenasy on a tour of the grounds, with Barbara Campagna, the chief architect for the National Trust for Historic Preservation, describing the ins and outs of Johnson’s masterpiece. Part two is written by Belinda Lanks, who talks about the Retreat itself, essentially a conference wherein a whole slew of influential people from the NEA‘s Maurice Cox to Work‘s Amale Adraos, to talk about things related, mostly, to preservation and sustainability. All in all, it sounds like maybe the best conference ever in the coolest setting of all time, which none of us were able to attend. But although the jealousy writhing continues, we’re very happy Metropolis was there to give us some morsels.