Omaha Tourism Team Huddles Up with Peyton Manning

Our first thought after reading Christopher Heine’s fun Adweek summary of some very opportunistic Mile-High Midwestern marketing is how different Don Draper‘s day-to-day would be if he was dealing with the mad 21st century millisecond world. Our second thoughts were: well done @VisitOmaha, semi-well done @OmahaSteaks.


In case you don’t watch or care about NFL football, “Omaha! Omaha!” – a battle cry uttered throughout a Sunday playoff game by the Manning brother still playing this season – was seized on by both aforementioned Twitter accounts. Because that’s how a savvy brand-baller rolls:

Call it one of the most random tourism marketing moments ever. And those [@VisitOmaha) re-tweet and favorite numbers are pretty good.

To compare, Oreo’s much-ballyhooed Super Bowl blackout tweet last year garnered 10,000-plus re-tweets shortly after going live. That example is considered by some to be the gold standard of Twitter marketing.

To go along with the platinum standard of pizza marketing: buying ten local Papa John’s franchises and then starring in a commercial for the chain. “Synergy! Synergy!”