Memo to Storage Unit Thief: You’ve Got Pete Sampras’ Stuff

Surely, once the illicit new owner(s) of this batch of stolen merchandise reads Bill Dwyre’s LA Times column, this blog mention or any of the other online media pick-ups, he-she-they will come to their senses and return what amounts to the bulk of tennis great Pete Sampras’ legacy.

The good news is that only one of Pete’s 14 Grand Slam title trophies was in the West Hollywood storage facility burglarized before Thanksgiving. The bad news is that almost everything else was.

“I was like, ‘What?'” Sampras said. “I thought there were security cameras. I thought these things were locked up tight. I was shocked.”

Missing along with the champ’s first Australian Open cup are 64 trophies, 24 tournament final plaques, a pile of irreplaceable clippings and autographed items from Eddie Vedder, Carlos Santana and Elton John. Downtown LA police are now handling the case and encouraged Sampras to go public in hopes that it would lead to the return of the items. Ball’s in your court, creep(s).

Update – 12/09/10: The London-based International Tennis Federation has offered to make replicas for Sampras of his 1992 and 1995 Davis Cup championship trophies.

Update – 12/17/10: A trophy and three scrapbooks stolen from the storage facility have been recovered in Griffith Park.

Update – 03/21/11: A tipster has led the LAPD to a hospital location where many of the tennis star’s missing trophies were dumped.

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