People Thought Anna Wintour’s First Vogue Cover Was a Mistake

Anna Wintour has been great for Vogue. There can be no arguing that. But when she started, people were a bit unsure about what to make of some of her decisions. WWD reports that during an upcoming interview on “CBS Sunday Morning,” Wintour says that her first cover — an outtake of a model wearing (gasp!) jeans — was thought to be a mistake.

“To me, it just said, ‘This is something new,'” said Wintour. “‘This is something different.’ And I remember the printers called us up because they thought we’d made a mistake. Just wanting to check that that actually was the cover.”

She also says that when she first decided to put celebrities on the cover instead of models, everyone doubted her again. “And it was up something extraordinary, like 40 percent on newsstands,” Wintour said of a cover featuring Madonna. “So that was an eye-opener to all of us.”

An eye-opener meaning “Anna Wintour is right and everyone else is wrong.”

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