Pentagram’s James Biber and Abbott Miller Hit the Road to Talk Harley-Davidson


Pentagram must be pretty happy about their work on the new Harley-Davidson Museum, because they’re sending out partners James Biber and Abbott Miller on a road trip to talk about their work (Miller’s designing and Biber’s architecturing). Well, okay, it’s not that long of an outing, given that one of the events is in their home turf, a lecture hosted by the Architecture League at The Urban Center in New York on September 19th. But they’re also heading out to Milwaukee, thanks to AIGA Wisconsin, to do it again in the museum itself on September 24th. We haven’t been able to take the drive out there from Chicago yet, but if this isn’t the perfect opportunity, we don’t know what is. Oh, and did we mention “Attendees will receive a limited edition commemorative poster” designed by Abbott Miller? If that doesn’t sway you, then you must be a heartless robot made of stone.