Peer News: More Like Wikipedia, No Comments

What’s Hawaii’s newest online news site going to look like? Not very much like a news site, Techcrunch reports.

Peer News, which launches later this year, is not going to run “articles” as we know them. Instead, the site will use “building blocks” similar to Wikipedia pages—constantly updated topic pages, you might say, though “topic page” has gotten a bad rap in the online news world.

For another thing, Peer won’t have “reporters,” it will have “hosts;” and there will be no comments allowed on the site, which, we’re told, will be members’ only (aka a pay wall).

Peer’s hired eight people—including editor John Temple, who gave this talk about topic pages and reporter hosts at the NewsMorphosis conference last week—to run the site. It launches in Q2 2010, so color us “waiting with bated breath.”

If you’d like to watch Temple’s whole NewsMorphosis talk, an hour long(!), check the embed below. Warning: sound quality is not so good.