Pearson Close to Selling Financial Times

The buyer remains a mystery.

The Financial Times—the bisque-colored paper owned by Pearson—is about to be sold.

According to Reuters, Pearson is in advanced talks to sell the FT to a “global, digital news company.” The deal would include the FT, its site and Pearson’s stake in The Economist.

After many years of speculation that Pearson was selling, it appears we’ve finally reached the moment of truth. The only question is what company is buying?

As always, the names floating around include Bloomberg LP, News Corp, Reuters and Axel Springer. We could see any of those companies shelling out the estimated $1.5 billion for the FT, so it’s a tough call.

Just to throw some fuel on the rumor fire, let’s all remember that time Michael Bloomberg attended a party for the FT and joked, “People always tell me I should buy the FT… I buy it everyday!”