Paul Begala: Hillary’s Treatment of the Press Was ‘Horrible’

“Because you’re not a person, Cuomo. You’re the media!”

You know it’s bad when one of Hillary Clinton‘s biggest supporters, Paul Begala, admits that the July 4th corralling of the press was “horrible.”

“Paul, help me understand something,” said New Day host Chris Cuomo on Tuesday morning. “You keep saying she wants to take it to grassroots, person by person. How do you square that with shutting out the media? I don’t get how the two go together.”

“Because you’re not a person, Cuomo. You’re the media,” joked the former Clinton advisor.

“She is the most famous woman in America perhaps, one of the most famous women in the world,” continued a more serious Begala. “And yet what she wants to do is go person to person. That’s why it was a terrible optic, and I’m glad they’re correcting it– I hope they are– of roping off the press. That’s horrible. That’s horrible.”

Possibly looking to mend some of this angst with the media, Clinton will appear in an interview tonight with CNN’s Brianna Keilar — airing at 5 PM ET on CNN.

Watch clip, courtesy of CNN.