Pat Kiernan: The Original Media Blogger

20050823kiernan.jpgWe missed this last week, but felt it was worth a mention (and not just because he’s Canadian) since before there were blogs we depended on NY1’s Pat Kiernan to read us the morning paper (the NY Post’s headlines take on a new level of amusement via Kiernan’s “deadpan” rendering).

For “In the Papers,” Mr. Kiernan starts with The New York Times, the Daily News and the New York Post, which he calls the “core of the segment.” Then comes The Sun, which Mr. Kiernan says “clearly in the past few months ousted Newsday as the fourth-most-cited newspaper. That’s as much about The Sun as that what Newsday is doing is dishonest. They slap something about New York City on the front page — they’ve really given up…They do some good Albany reporting and things like that, so I won’t ignore it, but it’s tough to hold up the front page with some story from far out on Long Island. I look at The Observer and The Voice on Wednesday and make a decision based on what else I have and whether there’s time for a particular story.”