Video: Pat Kiernan Makes Case for Live Job with Kelly

NY1 veteran anchor Pat Kiernan made his long-awaited debut on Live yesterday. Kiernan, as we reported earlier in the week, had been pushing for a chance to sit with Kelly Ripa for more than a year, dating back to when it was Regis Philbin’s seat to fill.

Kiernan made the most of his golden opportunity, showing off his skills that NY1 viewers have known for years. He’s conversational and can certainly communicate with the best of them, even though Kiernan is no Hollywood heavyweight co-hosting with Ripa.

“I’m hard on myself. When I watched it back I could see the moments where I fumbled for a word or wasn’t quite sure what was happening next,” Kiernan admits to FishbowlNY. “But the conversation with Kelly was effortless and I felt like we were truly ‘co’ hosts for the day.”

One of those effortless moments occured in the opening banter, as the relaxed Kiernan gave Ripa a tutorial on the finer points of displaying the daily newspapers, which he does in a popular segment each day on NY1. His on-air connection with Ripa is more amazing considering the duo never met until the dress rehearsal one day earlier. Watch the entire host chat below.

No word on a second stint for Kiernan at Live.

“We didn’t even discuss the topic of future bookings,” Kiernan says. “They’ve got a lot in the mix and they know that I’d be happy.” to return.