Passive Candidates Who Aren’t Really Passive

We (and other media outlets) have covered the bias toward hiring candidates who are already working. (The logic being: if they’re out of a job there must be something wrong with them.) Therefore, the people who are still working must be the better choice to hire. But deftly proves that that’s not always the case.

I know it’s exciting when your Boolean search ferrets out that exact title in the exact location that the job is calling for and it appears that all you have to do is dial the number and confirm that the guy’s still there. I know very well that temptation to end there and call it finished.

But if he was so easy to find…why?

This is the person who’s active on the net, who does a lot of posting (or a little) that includes a lot of biographical information that, at first glance, appears innocent….It screams, “Hey recruiter, look at me – call me for your new job opportunity –I’ll make it easy – here’s my office number and my cell!”

And in the same vein, anyone who was once looking and forgot to take her resume off Monster may be disregarded as “someone in the market” just because she didn’t disable her job search profile. Or she found a new, temporary gig and is too busy doing that to be in “job-search mode.” Doesn’t make her any less useful.

Takeaways for recruiters? Keep an open mind, we suppose. Takeaways for jobseekers? Don’t leave your old job-search stuff online lest it give the wrong impression. Yeah, it’s unfair.