Party report: Journalists Pro-Growth, Pro-Party

FishbowlLA was too worn out from the Huffington Post /Defamer party to show up at the party for Gene Sperling’s new book The Pro-Growth Progressive last night. Plus, we weren’t invited. Which is fine, because we were busy and didn’t want to go anyway. Nonetheless, several readers have written in with details of the party, held at the Encino home of John Emerson (former Clinton Administration official, now an investment banker and Music Center chairman). Guests included lots of policy/journalist types and people who play policy types on television. In the former category, Mickey Kaus, Mickey Kantor, Marty Kaplan, Dan Blackburn. In the latter, ‘West Wing’ actors Bradley Whitford (who co-hosted with his non-present wife Jane Kaczmarek) and Melissa Fitzgerald as well as former ‘West Wing’ writers Michael Oates Palmer and David Gerken. And straddling both categories, Arianna Huffington.

Have you been to a party lately? Send in your anonymous report! Otherwise I’m going to end up writing party fan-fiction.