Party Photos: Journos Rock The White House

Did you make sure to stand on the Maryland state crest before greeting the president?

Did you make it to Old Ebbitt Grill later?

Did you steal gingerbread cookies?

Did you try to steal the White House bathroom towels that were never there?

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LA Times’ Doyle McManus and the NYTimes’ Steven Lee Myers and Sheryl Stolberg chat up Stephen Hadley. (Note: Funny how the NYT won’t come to the WHCA dinner but they’re good enough to share in the holiday hospitality in the East Room).

More photos after the jump…and see more coverage from Beltway Confidential and TVNewser.

Ann Compton tells us that, at the second party yesterday for TV journalists, it wasn’t just press: the President invited all former press secretaries– Clintonistas Dee Dee Myers and Joe Lockhart greeting each other in the East Room, Larry Speakes from the Reagan era heading past the buffet of lamb chops and chicken fried steak. In the East Room, Bush41’s Marlin Fitzwater was heading to the door when the diminutive Dana Perino raced in to see him. And in the Grand Foyer, Tony Snow with two of his kids… looking robust, his hair full and thick, sipping a Coca Cola and preparing for today’s surprise debut — The Washington Post reports that Tony Snow will sit in this morning doing the commentary for radio’s legendary Paul Harvey.

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