Parade of D.C. Socialites Explain Their Game

In this must-see Politico Click video, 10 D.C. women explain to Kiki Ryan and Patrick Gavin why they have to go to so many parties, how they have to look good (always) and how catty the whole thing can get.

Andrea Rodgers (a.k.a. Ask Miss A) wears a necklace that could easily double as a military shield for Gavin’s pesky questions. Other women in the mix are: Pamela Sorensen (Pamela’s Punch is her blog) and Kate Michael (a.k.a K Street Kate), who “served” as Miss District of Columbia and is “ALWAYS” K Street Kate.

“You don’t want to NOT be seen at certain places,” Sorensen says (seriously).

Katherine Kennedy is a budget shopper, not Dress Barn kind of thing. “Personally I am a Target girl and I shop at T.J. Maxx,” she says. “I may have a different dress every day of the week, but I’m probably not spending more than $40.”

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