Pajamas Media Gets ‘Kentucky Fried’

The idea of replacing a well-known corporate brand name with its corresponding initials has been around for some time now. Most notably–and successfully–when KFC transitioned from the cumbersome and product-line-limiting moniker of Kentucky Fried Chicken.

In that Colonel-commanded spirit, El Segundo based Pajamas Media has announced that it will henceforth be known as PJMedia, to reflect it says the organization’s “evolution, growth and maturity.” Apparently, the mental image of guys-gals in bedroom wear no longer suited the six-year-old website’s content purposes:

“This evolution of our brand ushers PJ Media into a new era,” said [co-founder] Roger L. Simon… “It was clear that the time had come to shed our pajamas, change our name to PJ Media, and renew our commitment to the issues of freedom and liberty… This is an exciting time for PJ Media and a milestone we have been working toward for a long time.”

Certainly, any time a blog (individual or aggregate) reaches the point where they feel they it’s time to no longer work from a “pajamas” M.O., it’s usually a good thing. The website started by Simon, Charles Johnson and Glenn Reynolds has grown its “free America” topics fan base to a currently monthly unique total of around 1.4 million.