Pair Inventors/Investors Will Create Media Website

A pair of 30-something foreign inventors and media investors will pump millions of dollars into an L.A.-based media venture that conduct and post filmed interviews on the Internet with major celebrities, including movie stars, TV personalities, corporate executives, politicians, statesmen, foreign dignitaries, sports stars and other newsworthy figures.

British Guyana-born Ryan Ramnarine and Lebanese-born Raffi Khetchikian are looking to carve out this new approach at enhancing news coverage with one-on-one interviews with people in the news, whether they’re promoting a film, starting a new media company or buying a ball club. They don’t care; they just want the news. The pair also will assemble a team of journos, including producers, reporters and editors to create and enhance the as yet un-named project.

“We are all very excited by it,” Ramnarine said. “We will be able to give news broadcasts footage on celebrities, movie stars, criminals, politicians and any newsworthy types.”

The pair are also investors in ViewPartners Corp., which created a set-top box to allow home televisions and computers to receive and broadcast an HD signal.

ViewPartners will also create a number of HD channels, which they’ll use to broadcast films and TV as well as sell merchandise. Ramnarine said that one of those channels might be used to bolster the interview network.

Ramnarine, who came to the U.S. from Guyana at age 13, has been involved in the fitness industry with his TimeLabs Corp. He invented a mechanism that helps to hydrate the body.

Khetchikian, after observing traffic for several years, came up with a safety device that will be incorporated into any new cars after 2009.