PACT Releases Special Holiday-Themed, Yves Behar-Designed Underwear

Yves Behar and crew are back to trying to change the world one pair of underwear at a time, and now with the holidays in mind. The underwear company Behar co-founded last year to much fanfare, PACT, has since gone on to feature design work by Creative Growth, Tucker Nichols, and even celebrated architect David Adjaye. Now they’ve just released a new holiday series called Winter Lights Collection, designed by Behar’s firm fuseproject, which features “colorful plays of light and celebrate the nostalgia and festiveness of holiday lights.” And as is the company’s way, the charities who will receive a portion of the funds from the unmentionables sold are EarthSpark, an energy-to-the-developing-world non-profit, and Citizen Effect, which helps charity groups receive “the tools and networks they need to work directly with communities.” So if you have someone on your gift list this year who is in need of skivvies, here’s likely your best bet.