Overlooking WORK’s P.S.1 Park Construction

You might recall that back in February, we were reporting that the P.S. 1 Young Architects Award was given to the WORK Architecture Company. And of course, like in all years, with that prize comes the expectation to spend $70,000 to create an outdoor park for the summer just outside the famous art space. Entitled “Public Farm One,” the firm has been hard at work for the past month, building, building, building. Via the good people at Architect, we found this clip on the project’s site of a month-long timelapse, showing the process from beginning to end, as well as tracking down the info that they’re going to keep the camera running throughout the whole run of the park’s existence, capturing all the comings, goings, and various wildlife that happens to pass through. Also, it’s set to Justice’s “Never Be Alone” for some reason, should you be a fan of the band outside of their music videos.

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