Outgoing Slate Writer: “People Rarely Leave”

After eight years, Slate writer Daniel Gross has decided to try a new venture as a columnist for Yahoo Finance. But as he departed, he wrote quite the exit post. It’s not odd in that he reminisces about his time at Slate, but in how much he praises the online magazine.

The writers who held down this column before me handed over a great audience in the summer of 2002. Excellent editors, careful copy editors, and brilliant illustrators improved my work greatly.

Gross goes on to comment about the media at large. While his comments refer to Slate, it shows just how much the balance of power has shifted to the online world and the companies that have taken advantage of that change.

Slate has become one of those places that people rarely leave. That’s partly because the New York Times lacks the resources to poach Slate staffers as it did in the old days. But it’s largely because few places offer the combination of freedom, reach, prestige, playfulness, collegiality, and the ability to experiment. Slate combines many of the best qualities of the new media world and the old. It’s a place where good writing and writers still matter.

Now that’s an exit interview HR folks love to hear.