Our One Required-By-Law Paris Hilton Post: She’s Reading Architecture Books

Could it be? Are we really posting a story about Paris Hilton? Is this an UnBeige first? It feels like such a big, scary step. Does it mean we’re going to have to start posting about her all the time? Or will we have to increase our snark by 40% and redesign the whole site to include big blocks of pink? We’ll figure that out later. In the interim, here’s a bit of info we have no idea how we stumbled onto: the site Paris Zone has a handful of photos of the heiress browsing through architecture books in Malibu. Perhaps she was influenced by Brad Pitt’s part-time hobby, or she’s going to try and take up a new career. Either way, we’re already don’t care and we feel dirty that we even posted this in the first place. Ick. Apologies all around. We had no idea it was going to be like this — we need a drink.