O’Shea’s Mad As Hell, And He’s Not Going To… Oh, You Know

o'sheatouche.jpgLAT Editor Jim O’Shea tells the LA Weekly that he’s tired of the NYT pretending it’s any better than the L.A. Times.

Apparently, NYT executive editor Bill Keller bragged that The Washington Post will “go hire all the good people from the L.A. Times… All the good people who are left after we’ve finished our own hiring.”

(We wish we could show you the accompanying video: When he said “after we’ve finished” he whipped his penis out and slapped it on the table for emphasis. It was fabulous!)

In response, O’Shea told the LA Weekly:

“Somebody sitting in New York isn’t a god of journalism. I personally don’t take shots at their paper. I don’t feel that enhances my stature as an editor. And, so, if someone feels that’s how they have to play big, then that’s their business. But it’s posturing. He thinks I’m going to let them pick me off? I’m telling you right now I’m going to fight hard to keep everyone I’ve got. We’re just as good as the NYT. Believe me, working there isn’t a walk in the park, either.”