Oscars ‘Pizza Guy’ Turns Around Quick Hollywood Sequel

Right now, the media attention is LA-local. But as the official grand opening of Edgar Martirosyan‘s Silver Lake pizza joint Wood gets closer, expect to see growing national coverage. Not to mention some sort of appearance on Ellen.

Martirosyan’s decision to expand from a Big Mama’s and Papa’s franchise to something more ambitious is the culinary equivalent of an Oscar winner losing their agent, manager and-or suddenly-way-too-old-looking Significant Other. In Tinseltown, you’ve got to seize the moment whenever you can. Carpaccio Diem!

In the CBS 2/KCAL 9 Juan Fernandez report above, Martirosyan and his business partner/brother Eric confirm that customers are already streaming in during the soft opening, seeking to take selfies with the “Oscars pizza guy.”

[H/T: Tony Pierce]