The Oscars Are Now Jimmy Kimmel’s to Lose

Remember that brief March 1 New York Post “Page Six” item? Here’s a quick refresher:

Jimmy Kimmel is already being lined up to host next year’s Oscars, we’re told. One source said, “Jimmy is favored to host the Oscars next year; ABC has been pushing him for the role.” The late-night host already seems a shoo-in for the job after he earned his best post-awards show ratings on Sunday night.

We’ve been saying for several years that the logical host for the annual ABC-TV telecast is the one within walking-commute distance. Now that Seth MacFarlane has confirmed what pretty much everyone in Hollywood already knew, it’s hopefully only a matter of very little time before Kimmel finally gets his outside-the-special-box shot.

If for some reason AMPAS messes this up and goes for a different 2014 Oscar show host, then we give up. Kimmel, despite the disappointment of 2012’s White House Correspondents Association dinner and Emmys hosting performances, could still make this gig his for many years to come.

And knowing Kimmel, once this becomes official, he’ll have James Franco and Anne Hathaway giving him funny advice on what not to do. As an added bonus, Guillermo would make one hell of a trophy presenter.

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