Oscar Niemeyer Releases New Book, A Collection of Churches Designed by the Legendary Architect

Oscar Niemeyer will be 104 this December, but he’s still apparently going plenty strong, with none of those back and forth trips to the hospital that so plagued him last year. Following his recent appearance in the soon-to-be-released Urbanized documentary, the opening of his new foundation, and hopefully still working on his new interest in songwriting, the AP reports that the legendary architect has just released a new book, launched this week in his home city of Rio de Janeiro. Details on who is publishing and if and when it will be released here in the US aren’t known, but the title is The Churches of Oscar Niemeyer and, as the title would suggest, it contains “photos and sketches of the churches and chapels he has designed over his long career.” While his 1943 Church of St. Francis in Pampulha, Brazil is arguably his most famous, you can see a number of images of his additional impressive, thoroughly modern work on churches over at ArcSpace. Whoever winds up publishing, we just hope it doesn’t cost $650 like his last did through Assouline. Though fortunately, they also put out a regular, $25 version as well.

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