Orange You Going to Apologize?

Sure, sure: It was funny…but was it appropriate?

Well, the Post’s arbiter of appropriateness–Ombudsman Deborah Howelldoesn’t think that Dana Milbank acted appropriately when he went on Keith Olbermann’s MSNBC show dressed as Vice President Dick Cheney.

    Dana Milbank can be controversial with readers. The Post reporter has his fans — and I can be one of them — but I think his appearance on MSNBC last week was a mistake in judgment.

Others at the Post agree, including Liz Spayd, assistant managing editor for national news. Howell added that “Suffice it to say that he has been taken to The Post’s version of the woodshed and told not to do that again.”

Okay, okay, fine. So maybe it wasn’t the smart move. But are reporters to take themselves so seriously so as to render them humorless?