Operation Repo or So It Has Come to This

In our quest to do nothing over the winter break – we ended up in a Operation Repo marathon on TruTV.

This “unscripted” show is Cops meets Jerry Springer.

Or it’s Reno 911 – if it decided to really be a show about the perils of police work.

You know how when your stupid friend begs you to go see their improv group at some horrible club in Hollywood and you spend the evening sitting in the back of some sticky theater watching the parade of lame and you wonder why you are friends with this guy in the first place and how the hell did you just get suckered into paying a cover to watch real life Hard Rock servers pretend to be Starbucks workers? “Ok, now we need help from the audience.” Indeed.

That’s how Operation Repo is…sans the stupid friend and the cover charge. It’s a series of reenactments of some of the “looniest” and “wildest” repo adventures in The Valley – but if John Waters cast it. There’s the obese blond Latina goth girl who repos vehicles in a floor length black tutu for starters…

Your first clue that this not a documentary, is that people are there to watch their cars get repossessed, they are always screaming things that no one actually says,”I want to buy this car. You can not take it.” And the people getting their property taken away look like your bartender. Or are your bartender.

But then to “keep it real” the reenactors will say something like,”Get that camera out of my face!” Yes, that makes it seem like we have a front seat next to the floor length tutu.

Because what we tuned in for was the parade of poor people. We want to see people that can’t pay their note on that 1999 Volkswagen because it makes us feel better about ourselves. We want to watch the spawn of the overdrawn crying on camera – not BAD actors getting work.

Not Tru…damn it…just TV.