“…Only Your Creativity in Fitting Your Body Through a Hole in a Wall!”

From Craigslist:

FremantleMedia, the company behind American Idol, America’s Got Talent, and The Price Is Right along with a major American television network are looking for trios (friends, co-workers, spouses, etc) to take part in one of the most OUTRAGEOUS, FUNNY, and challenging game shows ever seen on Television.

In order to apply you must assemble a TEAM OF 3 PEOPLE. They can be anyone in your life (co-workers, friends, family, etc). We are looking for men and women 18 and up of ALL SHAPES AND SIZES who are OUTGOING and have a GREAT SENSE OF HUMOR! All teams must be either ALL Female OR ALL Male!

This show does not require trivia knowledge only your creativity in fitting your body through a hole in a wall! TO FIND OUT EXACTLY WHAT THE SHOW IS ABOUT, CHECK OUT THIS CLIP:

Uhm, is that yellow water?! We hope.