One Minute Mentor: Prevail As The Token Female

In the latest installment of’s “One Minute Mentor,” former FishbowlNY editor Amanda Ernst caught up with Carolyn Kremins, publisher of Brides, to talk about coping with sexism in the workplace. Says Kremins of office gender disparities:

I remember distinctly sitting in a meeting and someone talking about expenses and that the female sales people should not be taking clients out for manicures and that they didn’t want to see that on expense reports. And I said, ‘Wait, how many of you were out on the golf course?

She also discusses her role in advocating for fellow women:

I stood up for the women of the company. I felt that it was my duty to stand up for the women of the company, and I did. Whether it be flexible work week, which no one got, no one understood — I pushed that agenda and I feel really strongly about that, even to this day.

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