ONA 2006: Top Digital News Folks, and Spouses

Education journalist Virginia Edwards, husband Neil Budde of Yahoo, and Andrea Panciera of Projo.com.

The digital news-erati are gathered at the Online News Association conference in DC at the Capital Hilton. Party last night had lots of bold-faced names, if you’re part of this world. Last night’s reception, hosted by the Washington Post‘s Len Downie and Jim Brady, included Yahoo! News chief Neil Budde and his wife, Virginia Edwards, Reuters.com chief Dean Wright and his wife, Joan Connel, Web editor of The Nation, and a host of others whose photos we have here:

Laurel and Cuban.JPG
mediabistro.com CEO Laurel Touby is thrilled to learn that Mark Cuban actually reads our stuff.

Joan Connell of The Nation, Dean Wright of Reuters.com, Sophie Brendel who handles events at Reuters.

Angela Nelson of Boston.com and Michael Newman of Naplesnews.com.

The elephant was lit outside the University Club. The donkey is not.

Steve Yelvington and Scott Elliott of Dayton Daily News as well as the blog “Get on the Bus”, and Rachel Nixon, assistant editor, World, of BBC News Interactive in London.

A mediabistro.com party with Laurel and a few of her best friends, at the Left Bank, in northwest Washington.

Others at the ONA conf we saw: Roland Jones of MSNBC, Oliver Libaw, David Beard newly of Boston.com, and Thom Lieb, a journalism professor who made a special exception for our TVNewser blogger Brian Stelter, allowing him to access the Web on his computer in class at Towson University. (Prof. Lieb also told us a wild story about a headline on a sex column in the school paper, which Brian also edits, which got the students talking about the merits not so much of printing the word “Blow Job” in a headline, as about whether they really needed a column on techniques they felt were so easily learned elsewhere. We’re blushing.)

We also saw NYTimes.com’s Neil Chase, Rodale’s Michael Silberman (president of the ONA right now), Janice Castro and Rich Gordon of Medill, Debbie Seward who was foreign editor of AP and is now in Prague for Radio Free Europe, Jody Brannon now of MSN in New York and many others we apologize for not mentioning.