On a Lighter Note…

The fantastically-named Michael Goon, a pr rep for Cafe Press, writes us to say that “sex sells.”

To that end, he sent a breakdown of scandal merchandise based on a handful of politicians who have cheated on their wives.

THE BREAKDOWN: Former President Bill Clinton’s scandal with Monica Lewinsky happened years before CafePress was founded, yet makes up a whopping 66 percent of all Political Sex Scandal T-shirt sales. Ex-Sen. John Edward’s affair generates 13 percent of sex scandal T-shirt sales. CNN Host Elliot Spitzer’s “Client 9” status drives over 7 percent of scandal T-shirt sales. Ex-Gov. Mark Sanford and his scandal along the Appalachian Trail accounts for 8 percent of scandal T-shirt sales. What, no ex-Sen. Larry Craig bathroom wear?

Goon even comes bearing charts:

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