Oh Snap!

The New York Times’ Bill Keller takes some shots at The Washington Post:

    And then the Post: “The Washington Post, you know, has become an education company that happens to own a newspaper,” he observes. While professing “unqualified admiration” for Don Graham and Post Executive Editor Leonard Downie Jr., he says “the reality they’re dealing with is that it’s not really a journalism company”; rather, the Post “is one of the properties that the Kaplan Co. owns,” and is “certainly under a lot of pressure.” Its talent is getting “picked away from outside,” Keller continues, citing Allbritton’s recent coup in luring two of the Post’s top political experts to its nascent Web site. He concludes, “They’ll probably go hire all the good people from the L.A. Times.” (He adds later, “All the good people who are left after we’ve finished our own hiring.”)

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