Off the Media: Pesca! Pesca!

We’re not saying Bob Garfield should go away more often, but with Brooke Gladstone and Mike Pesca asking lots of questions we learned a lot from OTM this week. Then again, when we boil it down, what did we find out, really?

— ABC investigative correspondent Brian Ross is going to be using a whole lot more shoe leather — and maybe quarters at phone booths — so the Feds can’t track his cellphone calls. Note to WaPo defense analyst Bill Arkin: We’d rather see sensationalism go over the line in raising the alarm over data mining programs and other NSA intrusions than err on the side of trusting the government. We don’t want to “calm down” about it.

— It’s a wonder that Laurie David is still married to Seinfeld co-creator Larry, considering her environmental brow-beating of him. That’s a very rough paraphrase of her remarks. We’re taking hybrid cars to the Gore-a-thon tonight (Laurie David co-produced it) and will let you know if his new movie on matters environmental attracts the limousine liberal set. At least now we know wherefrom Larry got the idea for that episode on Curb Your Enthusiasm about the NRDC.

— The music industry is taking out its money woes on poor documentarians.

— Concern over plagiarism is a relatively modern contrivance. Just ask Shakespeare.