Off the Media: Dyspeptic Diatribes Delight

garfield_thumb.jpgWhile Brooke Gladstone is the voice of the reasoned Q&A, “On the Media” co-host Bob Garfield makes it all about him. But when he turns phrases as meanly as in this week’s piece on the resignation of White House spox Scott McClellan, we can’t help but marvel at the acumen. Would that all broadcasters would give us such phrases as:

“The Bush administration looks at the Fourth Estate and sees a fifth column of enemy subversion.”

“The press room looks at the Press Secretary and sees a human shield for hogwash.”

“Hiring a new cosmetician does not constitute an extreme makeover, and uttering words is not the same as answering a question.”

Even when Bob makes it about Brooke — “edited (half-beat) by (half-beat) Brooke” — he makes it all about him in a gravelly voiced utterance. While Garfield can be, like previous WH press secretary Ari Fleischer, “maddening in his own right,” we appreciate his willingness to call out the press corps as “somnambulant stenographers.”

Plus, don’t miss how Garfield hauls kiddie book authors on the mat by playing the part of a naive child reading books trying to turn them into eager young liberals and conservatives. (“Daddy, what’s a …”) You can read it, but the tone of voice makes it worth the listen.