Occupy Los Angeles Faces Eviction at Midnight

Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa has decreed that The Occupy Los Angeles encampment on the City Hall lawn will be shut down effective 12:01 a.m. on Monday, November 28. If this is the first you’ve heard about it, know that it’s because you weren’t meant to – the Mayor made the announcement at a closed press conference in the late afternoon on Black Friday.

Mayor Villaraigosa put a positive spin on the closure:

Occupy LA has brought needed attention to the growing disparities in our country and I look forward to its ongoing efforts to build an economy that works for everyone. As we continue to respect the exercise of everyone’s First Amendment rights in our civic center and throughout Los Angeles, City Hall Park is temporarily closing out of concern for the public safety implications of a long-term encampment.

Many in the Occupy Los Angeles encampment intend to resist the eviction, and are reaching out to the public for help. Supporters of the Occupy movement are encouraged to show their solidarity at a “block party” tonight on the streets surrounding the City Hall encampment.