Occidental Ready to Play Quidditch Ball

Although real-life tournaments patterned around the Harry Potter game of Quidditch have become something of a big deal on the east coast, they are still in their relative infancy here in Southern California. But the Scarlet Falcons are hoping to change that.

This Saturday at 11 a.m., the third-year Occidental College team will be hosting the inaugural Occidental Quidditch Invitational on Eagle Rock campus grounds. Who knew that USC and UCLA also had Quidditch teams? They are scheduled to be there, along with players from Arizona State University and Moorpark College.

Per a fantastic recent Occidental Weekly article entitled “Running with Broomsticks,” the matches will begin with a rallying cry far removed that that of NCAA-level marching bands and crowd cheers:

The game starts when the referee calls, “Brooms down. Eyes Closed. The Snitch is loose.” Players close their eyes as the Snitch runs away to hide. The Golden Snitch is played by a person in gold who runs around with a ball in a sock tucked into the back of his or her shorts.

Go Falcons?!

[Hat tip to NBC 4’s Erin Richards]