Obama v. The Press

NPR’s David Folkenflik has some thoughts:

    Zeleny says the campaign was brilliant in sharing information through online social networks, YouTube and other viral outlets.

    “I think in this White House, you may once again have more information about the president and the administration than ever before,” Zeleny says. “But I still think there will be fewer opportunities for questions and direct interaction with reporters and the president.”

    The Obama White House is expected to hold more press conferences than did the Bush White House. Transition team spokeswoman Psaki says the old-fashioned media outlets still matter, because so many Americans still get their news from them.

    But, she says, “We have certainly tapped into a willingness and a desire by the American people to receive constant news updates and the news in its raw form — you know, the original speech, the video of the event.”

    So the White House press corps may end up competing with newsmakers and sources who increasingly want to deliver the news themselves.