Obama Gets High Marks for Backdrop Design Too


Once again this writer must put his politics out there. But rest assured, this has a point (probably). Anyway, following up on our numerous previous posts about the brilliance of the Obama design department comes an addendum from, granted, a biased source, Daily Kos, in an entry, “How Obama Won the Election,” which lays out various points about what the candidate has done right. But in the first bullet point, “The Patriot,” it makes an interesting point about the planning of “the look” behind these things, namely utilizing flags and making Obama look as presidential as possible whenever he’s standing at a podium, a clever plan that the other two finalists in the run have failed to really put into practice:

None of the other candidates use this device with anything like the same consistency. McCain seems to use it occasionally, probably by accident. Clinton barely uses it at all. Look at her photographic trail and you can see giant US flags – which could be read as a sign of megalomania and overcompensation; Bush tends to use them too – or campaign decorations with no visible flags.