Golden State Warriors Outlast the Oakland Tribune

NBA team notches 70th regular season victory in wake of hometown newspaper loss.

At the top of the final print edition of the Oakland Tribune, the headline read: “After Brief Stumble, Curry & Co. Back on Track.” Those April 4 edition words were prophetic as today, if there was an April 8 Tribune edition, it would be all about the Golden State Warriors becoming the second team in NBA history to reach the plateau of 70 regular season victories.

The Warriors started in 1946 as the Philadelphia Warriors, became the San Francisco Warriors in 1962 and adopted the Golden State name in 1971. The Tribune was founded in 1874 and as of Tuesday, goes by the amalgamated name the East Bay Times. (The image below was taken from the new home page, at press time.)


San Francisco Chronicle staffer Victoria Colliver wrote a nice tribute to the Tribune’s history. Given our item’s sports focus, we’ll leave it here for now:

“I hear the ring of the death knell, and I really do believe that death knell ring is getting louder and louder and louder,” said Dave Newhouse, a former Tribune sportswriter and columnist turned author, who started at the paper in 1964 and retired in 2011. “I hate to see the Tribune die, but I don’t know what will resuscitate it.”