NYTimes.com General Manager Still PO’d at Jeff Jarvis


Vivian Schiller, Senior Vice President and General Manager of NYTimes.com, is answering some of the tough questions from MarketWatch’s Jon Friedman surrounding the flameout of the two-year old TimesSelect. Schiller shoots down the theory that the liberation of the Gray Lady’s content from behind the paywall was prompted by a desire to pre-empt the nemesis-ish Wall Street Journal.

Clearly, though, she reads the blogs. Vivian Schiller’s defensive comments in the interview suggest a more than passing familiarity with Choire Sicha’s buzzy argument in Gawker against the organization of newspaper websites (The New York Times among the most prominently mentioned), as well as Jeff Jarvis’ obituary for TimesSelect. From Jon Friedman of MarketWatch:

”’We’re a target,’ Schiller shrugged over lunch on Monday. ‘I’m still PO’d that [blogger] Jeff Jarvis called TimesSelect a cynical act. We’re the least cynical people around — for the news business.’ (Yes, I almost choked on my coffee at the notion that any New York Times people could lack cynicism.)

”For the record, Jarvis told me: ‘What I meant was that by choosing to put up the Times columnists, it was a clever or cynical act. It didn’t have an impact on their ad revenues since there are few ads [surrounding] their columnists. It’s not like they put travel stories behind a pay wall. I wasn’t trying to condemn the whole thing. I was trying to be wryly amusing about their cleverness.”’

(image via maisonbisson)