NYT Writes Wired Article, Two Years Later

The New York Times isn’t known for the timeliness of its technology coverage, but today’s article about how bot networks are a danger to the Internet comes almost two years after Wired covered the same problem — much more thoroughly — in its November, 2006 issue.

Attack of the Bots (Wired) — “The latest threat to the Net: autonomous software programs that combine forces to perpetrate mayhem, fraud, and espionage on a global scale.”

A Robot Network Seeks to Enlist Your Computer (NYT) — “An automated program lurking on the Internet has remotely taken over the PC and turned it into a ‘zombie.’ That computer and other zombie machines are then assembled into systems called ‘botnets’ — home and business PCs that are hooked together into a vast chain of cyber-robots that do the bidding of automated programs to send the majority of e-mail spam, to illegally seek financial information and to install malicious software on still more PCs.”