NYT Sends Out Regional Media Group FAQ That Answers Almost No Questions; Employees To Learn By Thursday Whether They Still Have Jobs

The New York Times, as previously mentioned, is selling its Regional Media Group papers to Halifax Media Holdings. The sale is official as of yesterday for $143 million.

According to a FAQ posted by Jim Romenesko, Halifax is making decisions within 48 hours as to which employees they will keep and which will be laid off.

The FAQ answers very few of the other frequently asked questions, however: The answer to “Will the buyers reduce headcount?” was answered as “That decision will be made by Halifax.” Helpful. In another answer, the Times does say that Halifax has “committed to making offers of employment to the vast majority of employees,” but that’s about it.

“Will there be any changes made to the properties? That decision will be made by Halifax. Are you planning to sell other Times Company properties? As you know, it is our long-standing policy not to comment on acquisitions and divestitures. Should I plan to look for another job? We cannot advise employees on their personal, professional decisions.”

One commenter on Romenesko’s blog has it right with his hypothetical final FAQ question and answer pair: “Will the door hit me in the ass on my way out? We cannot advise employees on whether the door will hit their ass on the way out. You are free to move your ass in such a way as to avoid letting the door hit it.”

We’re tagging this post with “layoffs” even though none have yet officially been announced because they seem…well…inevitable.